All animals are eating F/T Rodents
Price does not include shipping unless otherwise started!!!

We are very excited about this years breeding!! We hope to have the following litters

VPI x Hypo Leopard
Sunglow Leopard x Albino Leopard
Leopard het Albino x Sunglow Leopard
Sunglow Leopard x DBL Het Albino Leopard
Blood Het Albino x Motley Albino
Snow X Hypo IMG Het Albino

Please look back often as we will update as babies hit the ground!!

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Please call for availability I will be updating the site soon.


We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total purchase to reserve your snake(s). The balance must be paid within the time that is decided between both us (SME) and you the buyer. We will continue to feed and care for your snake(s) until paid in full.